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Brandboom's Connect Marketplace has revolutionized the way Sellers and Buyers connect! Our proprietary AI-tool makes highly relevant matches in apparel, accessories, home goods, and more. Turn Connect Marketplace on, sit back, and let us do the hard work for you.
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Connect Marketplace Reduces the Cost of Acquiring New Leads

We use proprietary AI to match your brand with like-minded buyers and create long-lasting partnerships. You won't pay up front on fruitless campaigns or sales rep retainers. With Brandboom, you'll pay a small flat fee per order — only when an order is successfully placed.
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Receive New Orders Around the World, Even While You Sleep

Our Connect AI analyzes data in the background 24/7, then presents your brand to prospects at the time when they’re most likely to buy. Connect can even work with your existing customers, giving you more time to be creative.
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How It Works

Connect AI didn’t get this smart by watching TV.
Create a Presentation
Step 1
Easily create a presentation that showcases your beautiful products and brand story.
Set Your Preferences
Step 2
Tell us your product category preferences so Connect can intelligently present you to the right buyers.
Set Buyer Criteria
Step 3
Set your target parameters, such as geographical areas and price points.
Sit Back and Relax
Step 4
Let us do all the work to reach Buyers and collect your new orders! Connect gets smarter over time, so your matches continue to improve.
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