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Connect Saves You Money

Pitch to new leads for a fraction of what it costs to attend Trade Shows.

$ 1-5 Per Connection
$ 96 Per Lead*

* According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research

How It Works

Connect Ai didn't get this smart by watching TV.

By intelligently analyzing the thematics of the tradeshows you are interested in, Connect will start providing you with recommended buyers to pitch right away.

Pitch your line-sheets directly to the buyers Connect Ai has recommended to you..

Connect Ai personalizes buyer recommendations for you over time, based on buyers' purchasing patterns, activity on your proposals, and more.

Understand Buyer Behavior

Receive instant notifications on buyer actions, and chat with buyers as they shop.

Behavior Tracking

Track buyers in real time, so you can strategize your messaging. These are the interactions Brandboom displays:

  • Open line sheets
  • View product details
  • Save products as favorites
  • Add products to an order

Instant Notifications

We send out emails and in-app notifications, so that you will always know when buyers are online.

Collaborative Messaging

If you don't have the answers a buyer is looking for, you can ask a teammate to join in and help you out.


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