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Brandboom's AI will match you with buyers looking for products just like yours. Design and pitch your line sheets, meet new buyers, and start taking orders.
Power Your Wholesale Business With Line Sheets, Orders, & Payments
Quickly create interactive line sheet presentations to sell your products, See exactly what your buyers are clicking on and adding to their orders so you can respond more effectively.
Your buyers can easily place orders from your online presentations. At the same time, you can quickly write orders for your buyers online or through our iPad app.
Convert your orders to invoices and easily track and collect payments. Buyers can instantly pay via Stripe or Paypal allowing you to collect faster and spend less time tracking down unpaid invoices.
"It has revolutionized the way I do sales. I've been working with Brandboom since 2011 and have generated millions of dollars in international sales remotely. Without Brandboom I would be helpless! I swear I talk about how much I love Brandboom so much I should work for you guys!"
Justus Caldwell,
Facility Distribution
"Brandboom completely transformed the way I do business with my customers. Customer service is stellar! You have helped me maximize my business daily with buyers by giving them accurate information, and it has exponentially increased our business. The simplicity of order maintenance is second to none."
Lalania Balas,
Kapten & Son
Meeting Buyers
Has Never Been So Easy
Let Connect, the Brandboom AI, find and pitch to buyers automatically for you, so you can focus on what you love doing
Loved by Sellers, Trusted by Buyers
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