About the Brand

BAWS Clothing (BAWS) is a Texas-based streetwear brand that has been manufacturing T-shirts, hats, to match sneakers since 2016. The company’s designs are based around the logo of a cartoon bear and feature a variety of bright, bold colors.

“BAWS” stands for “Born A Wild Soul,” an ethos that the brand defines as a way of life, a way of thinking, and a way of doing.

“BAWS is thinking outside of the box,” reads the company’s brand description. “BAWS never settles for less. You know that person who sticks out in a crowd of 1,000 people? That's BAWS.” All BAWS products are manufactured on-demand right here in the United States.

Case Study

Expanding the Reach

Before teaming up with Brandboom, BAWS Clothing sold clothing direct-to-consumer via an online store hosted on SneakerClothing.com. Beyond the website, the company relied on trade shows and a sales rep to spread the word about its brand and products.

With the business and the buzz around the BAWS brand growing organically, the company wanted a way to organize its extensive product range and attract new customers. BAWS turned to Brandboom.

"It is a nice platform for buyers to order from. It is also easy for the seller to make a catalog to show off. If there wasnt a brandboom, you would have to make a website and try to sell it like that" Jay - BAWS Clothing

Redefining the Online Shopping Experience for BAWS Clothing

With Brandboom’s help, BAWS Clothing was able to create an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly way to showcase its entire range of product options in a line-sheet format.

The new BAWS line sheet presentations put more than 750 products into a single-scroll page, all without slowing load times or infringing on the user experience.

Buyers can easily find different designs, color options, shirt-and-sneaker pairings, and prices by scrolling through the improved SneakerClothing.com webstore.

“It helped us get organized,” said Jay, Owner of BAWS Clothing. “It’s a nice platform for buyers to order from, and it is also an easy way for sellers like us to make a product catalog to show off what we offer.”

In addition to a refreshed online presence, BAWS Clothing uses Brandboom Connect Marketplace to meet new customers in the apparel space. Since joining Connect Marketplace, BAWS Clothing has found 60 new buyers.

"Since joining Connect Marketplace, BAWS Clothing has found 60 new buyers"

Simplifying Online Selling for Retailers

At Brandboom, we are dedicated to helping our clients simplify online selling while improving their e-commerce presence and reach. Our line sheet presentations are simple but effective, offering online buyers an intuitive and satisfying shopping experience.

These well-organized presentations are especially ideal for companies like BAWS Clothing—retailers with huge design catalogs and on-demand product manufacturing capabilities.

In an e-commerce environment, it can be difficult to show buyers the full extent of the product, design, and color options that your business offers. Brandboom takes those difficulties and discards them, providing an effective way to convey to customers the full scope of your catalog.

It can be just as difficult to reach new buyers. E-commerce and on-demand manufacturing have enabled brands to compete in the apparel space, but they also mean that this marketplace is more crowded than ever. Brandboom Connect Marketplace helps brands like BAWS Clothing share their philosophies and products with top buyers who will find their message resonant and appealing.

To view the BAWS Clothing catalog or learn more about the brand, visit xgear101.com/collections/baws-clothing or @baws.clothing on social.