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Brandboom is the industry standard for creating line sheets, collecting orders, and taking payments. Our marketplaces also find the perfect Buyers for you.
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Everything You Need to Manage Your Wholesale Business

Send beautiful lookbooks to Buyers and prospects with a Brandboom Link or PDF. Buyers can place orders immediately using mobile, iPad, or computer! Take payments with credit card and term payment solutions.

Easy-to-Build Linesheet Templates

Present your product line to buyers, then capture orders quickly and easily with beautiful presentations and lookbooks.

Manage Your Operations Seamlessly

Control your inventory, take payments, and manage customers with integrations such as ApparelMagic, Shopify, Stripe and Paypal.

Get Paid Now — And Offer Your Buyers Net 60 Terms

Offer Net 60 terms to your Buyers with flowPAY, and receive heavily discounted shipping with flowSHIP
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Set Up Your Line Sheets in Seconds, Not Minutes

Success Story

Moving to a digital platform has transformed our sales rep and showroom relationships, putting us in the driver’s seat. Now, we can be proactive and easily make changes anytime from anywhere.”

Nefra Rolle, FSI

Success Story

If you want to grow and expand your wholesale, and you want to constantly engage and connect with new buyers, Brandboom is definitely the choice.

Gary V Truehart, GRAPEVINE MFG



Why Buyers Love Brandboom

Join hundreds of thousands of Buyers who use Brandboom daily to view lines and place orders. Enjoy our Buyer Feed, which fully showcases products from your vendors. Discover new and exciting brands on Brandboom Marketplace.

Buy Now, Pay Later with Net 60 Using  flowPAY

Receive net 60 terms to help manage your finances and purchase from Brandboom’s sellers. We typically approve applications in under a minute!

Connect with Sellers in the Brandboom Marketplace

Discover brands that fit your profile. Stay ahead of the competition with the most intelligent wholesale marketplace.

Verified Buyers Get Access to More Features

Participate in digital marketplaces and trade shows, enjoy more trust from brands, and get access to more features as a Verified Buyer on Brandboom.
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