When it comes to finding new buyers and boosting sales, Brandboom Marketplaces is the place to be.

As we built these marketplaces, we kept an important question in mind: What would a marketplace look like that buyers and sellers both love, not just tolerate? We’re proud to say our elevated, wholesale marketplaces offer just that.

In this article, we’ll give a comprehensive look at how our Brandboom Marketplace & Connect Marketplace can expand your retailer network and unlock your brand’s growth potential.

Brandboom Marketplaces

Whether you choose one marketplace, or both, here’s what you can look forward to.

Access to 200,000+ Active, Vetted Retailers

Once you join a marketplace, you’ll gain immediate access to our extensive network of 200,000+ active buyers. All buyers are thoroughly vetted for your peace of mind. Enjoy an entire community of potential retailers - at your fingertips. 

Robust End-to-End Platform for Unmatched Efficiency

Both marketplaces are fully integrated with our robust end-to-end sales & order management platform. Manage your new orders and customers, track inventory, create invoices, and take payments - all in one place. You’ll also have access to advanced analytics, live customer support, and seamless integrations with Shopify, ApparelMagic, and more.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Brandboom Marketplaces have transparent, affordable fees, and you’ll only be charged if a buyer places an order. Rest assured, you’ll never have unexpected fees tacked on after you join, just to get the visibility you were promised. Marketplaces shouldn’t be pay to play, and smaller brands shouldn’t get pushed out because they have smaller budgets.

For specific pricing information, see: Brandboom Marketplace Pricing & Connect Marketplace Pricing.

Brandboom Marketplace

Now let’s look at the unique features of each marketplace.

Brandboom Marketplace* is the premiere digital destination to get your products discovered, expand your retailer network, and enjoy secure, guaranteed payments. 

This is a search-based marketplace ideal for brands in the following categories: men's and women's contemporary, casual, and streetwear.

*in select countries and expanding

Optimized Product Discovery and Promotion

Brandboom Marketplace focuses on optimized brand and product discovery. Your brand will be prominently featured within your primary category section, rotating 'Featured Brands' highlights, and our search function. Buyers can easily view your individual products and complete presentations.

Fast, Guaranteed Payment and Net 60 Terms

Say goodbye to payment headaches. Brandboom Marketplace runs on Brandboom Payments, which offers qualified buyers net 60 terms, but pays you upon delivery, guaranteed. We handle collection, along with chasing late payments, so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn More:


Submission Guide (This marketplace has specific requirements, so this is a must read!)

Connect Marketplace

Next up is Connect Marketplace! Connect Marketplace is your personal matchmaker to amplify your reach on Brandboom. It’s a good fit for brands in the apparel, accessories, home goods, jewelry, and footwear categories.

Revolutionary AI to Amplify your Reach

While Brandboom Marketplace has search based discovery, Connect Marketplace uses AI to find retailer matches. Once we’ve found you a match, we’ll feature your line sheet on that buyer’s personalized buyer feed, helping you cultivate valuable partnerships.

Because this is data driven, rather than search based, this marketplace is best for users who already have order history with buyers in Brandboom.

Payment Flexibility

With Connect, you can use Brandboom Payments, however it is not a requirement. You’re also able to take payment via our integrations with Stripe and Paypal, or outside of Brandboom entirely. 

Learn More:

How It Works


Presentation Guide

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