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Case Study: BAWS Clothing

Born a Wild Soul (BAWS) has an engaging culture and ethos behind their brand. Manufactured on-demand in the USA, they have hundreds of styles that all stick out in a crowd. BAWS has relied on Brandboom to get organized and find new buyers.

Case Study: King Apparel

King Apparel has been a pioneer in the UK streetwear scene for over 15 years. They are at the forefront of modernizing the British fashion industry using technology, and are using Brandboom to help them achieve their goals. In fact 80% of their US business comes from using Brandboom.

Case Study: IAMDOPE

IAMDOPE has been looking for ways to build his brand and find new buyers. He’s found more than 10-15 new buyers in the last 6 months, and uses Brandboom Connect to source all his new buyers.

Case Study: Golden Gilt

Golden Gilt have used Brandboom Connect to find themselves over $9,000 of business on top of their existing sales in just a few short months, all at the click of a button…

Brandboom Tradeshow Guide

Download this free e-book on how to approach this trade show season. Whether it’s your first or hundredth trade show, there are plenty of tips to make it a profitable …

Payment confirmation receipt Stripe PayPal Order

Track Payments

Brandboom gives your buyers the full e-commerce experience. After completing an order, give buyers the option to make payments directly online with a credit card or PayPal account. Optionally enter …

Revolutionize your wholesale business with Brandboom

Capture and Manage Orders

Brandboom makes it easy to collaborate with buyers to complete orders. Make edits to orders in real time and send notifications to update your buyers on order status. Collect Orders …

Digital Showroom

Build Your Catalog

Brandboom gives you the advantage of managing your wholesale product catalog online. Access your account anytime, anywhere Use your product catalog to generate line sheets instantly Make edits to products …

Brandboom linesheets make purchases more likely

What is a Line Sheet?

A line sheet is sometimes referred to as a product catalog or product sheet. In wholesale, line sheets are used to present products to your potential buyers for them to …

Philly Nicks YHF

EP 6: Finding the Right Brand After a Failed Business with Philly Nicks

Overview Transcript Overview About the Guest: Meet our latest guest Philly Nicks. Philly Nicks founded YHF, in 2015 in LA to make sunglasses and has successfully grown the business since. …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Trade Show Preparation Checklist

Trade show marketing may result in your company taking a budget hit, but when you do it right, it can help generate leads, build brand awareness, meet potential partners, and …

Take Your Brandboom Lookbooks On The Road

Tradeshow Apps and Software

The first quarter of every year is trade show season. This is a time when small businesses are given the opportunity to kick off the new year by demonstrating new …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

EP 5: How to Leverage Pop-Ups for Your Brand with Melissa Gonzalez

OVERVIEW TRANSCRIPT OVERVIEW About the Guest: Our guest today is Melissa Gonzalez. Melissa is a retail futurist and expert consultant in pop-up shops, who has been awarded Design Retail’s 40 …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Find the Perfect Buyer for Your Fashion Line

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” You’ve heard that phrase before and you know it’s the truth. Connections are everything. You just have to have high-quality people …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

8 Secrets of Retail Success

Your idea for an amazing product line is waiting for you. You just need to express it by turning it into a business. Here are 8 secrets of retail success …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Brand Storytelling: The Right Way to Market to Millennials

Millennials make up almost one-fourth of the entire U.S. population. However, their sheer number is not the reason they are widely considered to be one of the most talked about …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

EP 4: How to Sell Wholesale and Win with Margo Morrison

Overview Transcription Overview ABOUT OUR GUEST Margo Morrison is the owner and creator of Margo Morrison New York, which offers a collection of necklaces, earrings & bracelets that even some …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

EP 3: How to Reach Millennials and Gen Z – Brand Advice From Nicolas Cole Mather

Overview Transcript Overview Millennials? The word millennial is pretty much a swear word in the minds of many older generations or those who don’t understand Generation Z. Millennials are seen …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

EP 2: Instagram Ad Campaign Tips with Cannabis Lifestyle Creator Erin Coffey

OVERVIEW TRANSCRIPT OVERVIEW Social media really can make or break a brand. For The High Rise Co, the power of YouTube lead to a company with an insanely widespread consumer …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Trade Show Marketing Ideas

Participating in trade shows is not for the faint-hearted entrepreneur especially since it is one of the most challenging strategies in traditional marketing. Most businesses think twice before diving into …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

EP 1: Seasoned Buyer Tips on Getting Your Brand into Retail Stores

Episode 1 of the Brandboom Podcast series features Mary Vallarta, the founder of FAB Counsel — a fashion and business consulting company that offers tools and support needed for the modern fashion entrepreneur. Amy Zhou, COO of Brandboom and host of the Brandboom podcast, sat down with Vallarta to talk all things retail, merchandising and how to get your line into stores.

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Former Big-Box Fashion Buyer Talks How to be a Retail Success

Syama Meagher- CEO of Scaling Retail Calling all boss babes and lovers of fashion! Brandboom interviewed Syama Meagher, the CEO of Scaling Retail, a former buyer for numerous high end …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

The Ultimate Guide to Trade Show Display and Booth Ideas

There is no denying that the digital revolution is here to stay. Nowadays, if you are not well-versed in connecting with your market online, then you are setting your business …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Top Tips for Onboarding Buyers on Brandboom

Today the top brands we support have been able to remain successful by being agile as the market changes. For many, wholesale now makes up a significant portion of annual …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

5 Great Brandboom Features You Might Not be Using

Congratulations, you got the gist of it. You’ve got your products on Brandboom and you’ve created beautiful line sheets. But are you a Brandboom Pro? Here are some insider tips …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Trade Show Prep: Top 6 iPad App Tips

Are you gearing up for trade show season? One of the most important things you can do to make sure you are prepared for a trade show is to be …

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business

Do you need PR? How the Right Publicity is Key to Boosting your Brand

Written by: Kate Durocher Meet Andreea Ayers Andreea Ayers is the founder of Launch Grow Joy, a service that helps brands and designers get noticed by magazines and news outlets …

Savvy Retail Buyer Use Brandboom

The Savvy Retail Buyers of Tomorrow

Over the years, Brandboom has attracted thousands of brands to use our system to provide a more seamless wholesale experience for themselves and their retail buyers. By now, more than …

Customer Success Stories Brandboom Upgrade Your Wholesale Business

How One Sales Veteran Brought Massive Innovation (and Revenue) to Rothco

Even if you haven’t heard of Rothco, you’ve probably seen their products. The military fashion trend always seems to make a come-back, and every time it does, Rothco is ready. …

Brandboom Linesheet Maker

Create a Line Sheet in Minutes with our Free Line Sheet Maker

So after all the blood, sweat, and tears, you finally have a collection of products you are confident enough to show to some buyers. Good for you. Give yourself a …