Create a Line Sheet in Minutes with our Free Line Sheet Maker

So after all the blood, sweat, and tears, you finally have a collection of products you are confident enough to show to some buyers. Good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Don’t celebrate too much. There is still more work to do.

If you are serious about wholesaling, you are going to need to create a line sheet. It’s just what you have to do at this point to be taken seriously by any buyer.

A line sheet is a presentation tool that includes product images and other info like descriptions, color and size options and, of course, wholesale prices. And we can help you make one.

There are some templates you can download out there. But they will be the same templates that everybody else downloaded too so… I’m sure you don’t want to be just like everybody else.because your products are unique. So why not go above and beyond simple templates to present them?

Check out what a polished line sheet looks like on Brandboom:
brandboom linesheet winter 2017

Impressive, right? Let’s get going.

Getting Started

Once you log into your Brandboom account — What do you mean you don’t have one? Hurry! Click here and get one (all the cool people have one).

Ok, once you have an account, go to the Products page:

Makes sense so far, right?

Step 2: The next step is to fill in the fields to give your product in identity in Brandboom. Click on any of the SOS (Style-Options-Sizes) fields.

Step 3: When a new box appears, enter in a Style ID that is unique to the product you are creating. Style ID is the only required field in this step, but if you have the other information available, enter that as well.

Step 4: After you finish putting all the information in these fields, it is time to add photos to match these products.  So go ahead and click on the Upload Image button:

Step 5: You’re going to be presented with uploading options here. Upload photos (.jpg or .png) from your desktop, or from another cloud source.

Step 6: Once the photos are loaded into Brandboom, match them with the product you are building.

Step 7: If you are happy with the photos that you have matched, go ahead and save your work by clicking the Save & Close button.

Step 8: Repeat steps 1 to 7 for each product that you want to add to your line sheet with Brandboom.

So now, on to the fun stuff …

Once you have all the products created in Brandboom, it’s time to create those line sheets that are going to wow your buyers. These are line sheets that will be more engaging than any ol’ template out there.

Creating Line Sheet Presentations with our Template

Step 9: Go to the presentation name field and type in what you would like to name your new line sheet.  For a name, you can use a season, or a collection name or even the name of the buyer you are sending this out to.

Step 10: Once you have a name, choose the products that you want included in that new line sheet by clicking on them.  Once chosen, they will be highlighted.  Just drag them over to your new presentation.

Cue the music of the angels! Cellos on the right! French horns on the left!  All together now – “You officially have a line sheet!”

And you didn’t even need to fiddle with any templates either.  Templates are for amateurs.

You can stop here and I wouldn’t blame you.

Should I stop here?

Well, no.  You can do so much more to stand out from the rest of those line sheets out there created from templates.  Let me show you.

Customizing Line Sheet Presentations

Once you see your brand new Hallelujah-inducing line sheet, you might be tempted to just leave it at that.  But don’t.  You can customize your presentation in so many ways.

Step 11: Go ahead and click the “Create Blurb” button (hint: it looks like a “T+”).

Step 12: Click it a couple more times if you want.  Every time you click on that “T+” button, it creates a new section in your line sheet presentation.  Which is good because then you can do this:

See that? I separated the products into their own subgroups.  Buyers will love how easy youare making this for them. They will show their appreciation by buying your products.

Step 13: Next, let’s go ahead and add more bells and whistles.  Each Blurb section will have “Click here to edit”.  Well, go on.  Click it.  Don’t be shy.

Step 14: Why did you click it?!?!  Just kidding.  Your clicking should have brought up a Blurb Toolbar.

Step 15: Familiarize yourself with the buttons.  Some you might have seen before from other programs like Microsoft Word or something. But a couple are really special…. Click on the one that looks like a mountain.  This will allow you to add photos (like editorial or hero shots) into your line sheet.

Step 16: Just copy and paste an image source (URL) into this field OR click on the folder icon and look for the image in your desktop

Step 17: Now click on the button that looks like a movie reel.  This one is special because this will allow you to add videos.  (Keep in mind that the videos have to be hosted somewhere like Youtube, Vimeo, or even Facebook)

Step 18: Once you have the location URL of your video showcasing your awesome products, copy and paste it into this field:

Step 19: Repeat Step 12 to Step 18 as many times as you want.  Get enough practice and you can have something like this at the end.

Let’s see a template do all that.  Come back next week and I will show you how to share your brand new line sheet presentation with buyers.

Brandboom Linesheet Maker