Line sheets, sometimes referred to as lookbooks, are industry standard marketing presentations in the wholesale business. 

But what is a line sheet?

Line sheets are an industry-standard sales tool brands and designers use to present their products to buyers. They are essential to place your products in boutiques, department stores, catalogs, or online retailers.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about line sheets and how you can use them to your advantage.

Let’s get started.

What information do I need?

Pictured: Line sheet made with Brandboom.

Retail buyers are taking a risk by buying from a new brand. As the brand representative, it’s your job to ensure your line sheet conveys all of the information needed for buyers to feel confident purchasing from you.

Some of these elements are intuitive. Let’s say you’re on a brand’s retail website. There are certain elements you expect to see, such as:

  • Brand logo
  • Lifestyle images
  • “About the brand” section and mission statement
  • Product images and details (price, description, and color/size options)
  • Sales terms

The same is true for a line sheet. Of course, you also need wholesale-specific information, including:

  • Wholesale prices (manufacturer’s suggested retail price - MSRP - is optional)
  • Whether products are available now or in the future
  • Contact information (specifically the contact of your sales rep, if applicable)
  • Optional: any order minimums (e.g., SKU, dollar amount, prepack quantities, etc.)
  • Optional: deposit requirements

How do I make a line sheet?

In the past, line sheets were usually outsourced to a graphic designer or created manually using software like Adobe Photoshop and Powerpoint. But hiring a graphic designer is costly, and designing them yourself is time-consuming: You need to edit, resave, and resend a PDF to buyers whenever you have a product or line update.  

Thankfully, there’s now a better, faster way: online platforms.

Using Brandboom’s line sheet maker, you can create cloud-based line sheets in just minutes, make real-time updates, and receive orders directly through the line sheet.

Brandboom does all of the formatting for you. Once you’ve added your products to your products library, you can create customized line sheets in just a few clicks. 


Pictured: Brandboom’s line sheet creation page.

Customization options include adding photos and videos, organizing product sections, adding headers and descriptions, and much more. Brandboom’s line sheets also feature an “About the Brand” tab and the ability to set your sales terms.

Pictured: Brandboom “About the Brand” section

Brandboom gives you the ultimate flexibility. You can print your line sheets, download them as a PDF, or (our favorite) send them as an interactive share link. With the link, buyers will see any updates as soon as you save them and can place orders directly through the line sheet. 

How can I make my line sheet stand out?

Now that you’ve got an amazing line sheet maker, let’s give your brand a leg up on the competition with well-organized, eye-catching line sheets. 

Here are four ways to wow your potential customers:

1. Have your materials prepared in advance. Whether you’re meeting with potential buyers or attending a trade show, be ready to seize any opportunity.

2. Include high-quality product and lifestyle images throughout the line sheet. While good-quality photos can be expensive, it’s well worth the investment. It doesn’t matter how great your products are if the pictures don’t reflect their quality.

3. Use Brandboom’s “About the Brand” section. What makes your brand unique? Who is your brand’s ideal customer? Show buyers what your brand represents and who is behind it.

4. Ensure your line sheet has a clear and straightforward layout. Buyers don’t want to search through an entire line sheet to find all your coats, for example. We recommend labeling and organizing products by product category (e.g., shoes, accessories, etc.) or by design. We cannot overstate the importance of organization!

Pictured: unorganized product section.

Pictured: Organized product section with a header.

Start Creating Line Sheets with Brandboom!

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