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Quickly create interactive line sheets, lookbooks, and catalogs that streamline your team's workflow and help you sell more.
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Create Your Line Sheets and Lookbooks in Minutes

Brandboom is designed for beauty, efficiency, and engagement. Present your brand elegantly using videos, images, and our suite of flexible design tools. Impress Buyers with real-time digital share links, PDFs, or iPad presentations
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Product Importer

Get Up To Speed Instantly with Integrations and Smart Tools

Creating or importing products in Brandboom take seconds. You can either create them individually or mass import them instantly, using templates or native integrations with Shopify, ApparelMagic, and many others. We even have an API for you to build a connection to your favorite platforms.
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Track and Sync Inventory in Real Time

Brandboom can track all of your inventory. When orders are placed, updates are available in real time and synced with external ERPs or platforms. Sales reps, operations, and logistics teams are all in sync, helping you plan and delighting your customers.
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Collect Orders & Take Payments

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Instant Insight Into Your Business

Brandboom lets you view and manage orders, logistics, inventory, and reporting to help grow your business — all at a glance. You can even assign team members and sales agents different access permissions.


Seamlessly Sync Your Shopify Products and Inventory

Save time and increase inventory accuracy with our Shopify integration. Instantly import Shopify products into Brandboom. Sync your products, inventory, and orders instantly.


Ship Directly from Brandboom with the Lowest Rates

Manage your shipments in Brandboom and get up to 40% off UPS shipping with flowSHIP. Choose your shipping preferences, print your label, and send tracking information. All within Brandboom’s platform.

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Get Paid On-Time and Securely

Take payments through your digital lookbooks, invoice clients, and capture payments with Paypal or Stripe.

We're Always Adding New Features

We work constantly to incorporate the features you need most. Have an idea for a feature? Let us know!
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Visitor History

Track engagements on your line sheets, including profiles of buyers who have viewed your products. Download the list as a CSV file.


Customize permissions with robust and flexible team management features. Easily work with and share with outside sales agents.

Manage Shipments

Set ship dates and track shipping status with your own carriers, or print labels and manage shipments using flowSHIP.

Order Export

Export orders or linesheets to any system your buyers use via our CSV, IIF, or spreadsheet template.

Collect Deposits

For extra protection, require a security deposit for buyer orders.


Create detailed production and sales reports that help keep your business on track.

International Support

Manage customers with different currencies and tax requirements. You can even use custom-rate taxes and fees.


Showcase multiple linesheets for different categories or brands to your buyers using one convenient link.

Book Meetings

Buyers can schedule meetings or appointments with you to discuss products, orders, etc... while checking out your line sheet.
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We love working with Brandboom. We are able to keep our product images organized, and we're able to send our clients customized linesheets with ease. We would recommend Brandboom to brands of all sizes.

Jane Hoskins, Tiare Hawaii

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