About the Brand

IAMDOPE was created by Besfort Mulici to bring a new vibe to the clothing industry by targeting a younger generation looking for a fresh image.

Born in Kosovo, Besfort had a challenging upbringing, having moved to the UK because of war with neighboring Serbia in 1999. This has provided him with a well-cultured background that he has successfully harnessed into his brand.

IAMDOPE is responsible for thoughtful, custom designs and unique prints that set the brand apart from its competition.

Case Study

Opening Doors

Before Brandboom, IAMDOPE was selling its product online with traditional eCommerce methods. Most of their traffic came from social media interaction; primarily Instagram. Ever the hard worker, Besfort is in charge of almost everything for IAMDOPE including graphic design, social media and managing wholesale orders.

Finding a simple way to attract and engage new buyers was imperative as he had very little automation in building a buyers pipeline. After initially joining Brandboom to help him with creating line sheets easily, he came across something much more valuable.

“Brandboom’s platform and features have made it so simple that connecting with buyers is as easy as it gets" - Besfort Mulici - IAMDOPE

Making Dope Connections

Brandboom has helped IAMDOPE and hundreds of other customers make connections, and more importantly, get orders with buyers using Brandboom Connect Marketplace.

With nearly USD $1m in orders placed since its launch in July 2018, it has become a significant revenue stream for Brandboom customers.

Indeed, for Besfort, it has become one of his primary sources for seeking out new buyers. “Outside of Brandboom, I don’t really look for any buyers because it’s very time consuming and very hard to get in contact with the buyer” he says.

Brandboom is creating fruitful and lasting connections with buyers by using an AI that intelligently matches the right people together.

He continues “Brandboom’s platform and features have made it so simple that connecting with buyers is as easy as it gets. You can even talk to the buyers with the chat feature”. Besfort has been impressed with the platforms ability to show all your products in one presentation (Line Sheet) within a couple of clicks, and how it can be “designed how you want with little time”.

"Buyers paying for orders has never been so easy”.

Helping the Hustle

Brandboom is credited with having had a hand in a “major change in the brand” for IAMDOPE. Connect Marketplace has made it simple to match with buyers and Besfort has been able to create close relationships with buyers that have ordered products from him, and if all goes well, they should re-order when new lines come through.

He believes that this will help his business to grow at a fast pace .“The Connect platform, a very very reasonable subscription price, and ease of paying for orders for buyers” are a few of the reasons he enjoys working with Brandboom.

Above all, he says “Brandboom has 5-star Customer Service. They have an open chat, and you can ask any questions you may have”.

For further information on IAMDOPE, head to @iamdopeuk.