Trade Show Prep: Top 6 iPad App Tips

Are you gearing up for trade show season? One of the most important things you can do to make sure you are prepared for a trade show is to be prepared to collect customer information and write orders. After all, who has time for handwritten orders and messy notes!  

Be prepared with your tech. With the Brandboom iPad app, you can capture orders online or offline. Your orders are automatically synced to your online Brandboom account when internet connection is available. Here are the top iPad App tips to get you up to speed…

Download Your Presentations

1. Download Your Presentations

Make sure you have all the presentations you need loaded on your app before the trade show, that way you can present and take orders without WIFI. Click on the Cloud button next to the presentation name to save it on the iPad and go offline.

Pull Down to Refresh

2. Pull Down to Refresh

Make sure that all of the data on your app is updated with any changes you’ve made to on the web app. Use this to refresh Presentations, Presentation lists, Customers, and the Order Page.

HD Image Settings

3. HD Image Settings

Make sure your products are looking their best. Go to the Settings and select the HD Images setting to allow you to use HD Images for all products.

Target Orders to Add Products

4. Target Orders to Add Products

If you have multiple orders created, you can use the Target button in the order tab to target a specific order if you have additional products you want to add to it.

Select Multiple Size Size/Units Fields

5. Select Multiple Size/Units Fields at Once

Save time filling in sizes and units one by one when taking down an order. Tap and hold your finger and swipe to highlight multiple cells to fill in units per Unit/Size.

Add a Signature to an Order (Exclusive to the iPad)

6. Add a Signature to an Order (Exclusive to the iPad)

Last but not least – A big plus to taking an order on the spot with your iPad? You can collect a digital signature from your buyer on the order form. Just click on the Signature box on the order form to have you buyer sign with their finger.

Don’t have the Brandboom App on your iPad? Download it today.

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One last thing, make sure you are using the most up to date version of the app. Check to see if a new update is available in your App Store.

Being prepared might be the difference between closing a sale or losing a sale. Make sure to follow up and process orders in a timely manner.  To read about more tips on following up with customers after a trade show, see this article.

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