About the Brand

Since its start in New York’s Lower East Side in 2010, Ethik Worldwide has gained international recognition by producing elevated streetwear that infuses fashion with rebellion. Ethik challenges pre-established norms, bringing eccentricity and an unapologetic style to streetwear.

“I couldn’t imagine this
business without it.”

Like so many brands, Ethik started humbly, producing graphic tees, taking orders individually, and shipping out of a garage. A couple of years later, they learned how Brandboom could make them more efficient at a trade show — from marketing their product lines to invoicing and beyond. Today, all Ethik products are on Brandboom’s platform, and with the Brandboom Connect intelligent matching service, the company is finding new buyers domestically and internationally.

“Brandboom is making our lives a lot easier, and I couldn’t imagine this life and this business without it,” says Gary Truehart, Ethik’s head of sales. “When it comes to organizing and creating collections for the products, it’s made it very easy and seamless.” Since Ethik started with Brandboom in 2016, they’ve received more than 1,000 orders through the platform.

Ethik recently took advantage of Brandboom’s native integration with ApparelMagic to manage their back end and has plans to enable direct consumer sales through the native integration with Shopify.

Next-Level Marketing Nets New Buyers

Perhaps most impactful so far has been Ethik’s use of Brandboom Connect Marketplace, the AI-driven marketplace that matches brands with new buyers based on preferences and shopping histories. In just 17 months, Ethik has won more than 80 orders and $85,000 in new business because of Connect Marketplace.

One of Truehart’s favorite features is that it "optimizes it so that a buyer, instead of just seeing ‘Fall 1” or “Winter 2,” they see the whole season. It gives me a channel to cold outreach an entire season under one link: The new leads pop up. I click on them, select ‘all,’ choose my Fall-Winter-21 presentation, send it over, and just rinse and repeat.”

“I think the key to my success with Connect Marketplace was integrating into everyday operations, making it a thing that I do daily, with several accounts, held by members of both inside and outside sales team,” Truehart says. Due to his diligence, Ethik’s engagement score with potential buyers (opens, views, add-to-carts, and favorites) has been a very impressive 42%.

Diversifying the Buyer Pool

In addition to introducing Ethik to retailers who fit their brand profile, Connect Marketplace has helped Ethik diversify its buyer pool and reach unexpected niche markets.

“I’ve had people reach out internationally, and I’ve been able to add countries in my Connect feature. So, I have over 23 countries,” Truehart says. “If you looked at their businesses, they might not even exactly sell the type of apparel we specifically produce —they may not carry much streetwear. Or maybe they were a woman’s boutique that’s decided to get into men’s stuff. I’ve definitely had some unique buyers come through Connect.”

The bottom line is that Truehart considers Brandboom indispensable. “If you want to grow and expand your wholesale, and you want to constantly engage and connect
with new buyers,” he says, “Brandboom is definitely the choice.”

To learn more, visit ethikworldwide.com or @ethikworldwide on Instagram.