A line sheet is sometimes referred to as a product catalog, product sheet, or even a lookbook.

In wholesale, line sheets are an essential, more or less mandatory, tool used to present products to your potential buyers for them to create orders from.

In the past, PDF line sheets were painstakingly created using design software such as Photoshop or even PowerPoint. When changes were made to these products, line sheets became outdated and had to be updated line by line.

Brandboom helps you create beautiful, up to date, line sheets quickly and easily.

Fortunately, Brandboom makes creating line sheets a breeze.

Better yet? It's completely free.

Brandboom helps you create your product catalog in minutes. Once that's done, you can instantly create custom line sheet presentations with a few easy clicks.

Presentations can be shared in 3 different ways:

  1. Digital presentations that can be shared with a private link
  2. PDF line sheet that can be emailed or printed
  3. Presented using our iPad app

PDF line sheets are still widely used in the industry. However, digital presentations are the way to go because it means you're are making it dead simple for your buyer to order from you, as they can access your presentation anywhere, anytime!

We also enable you to add images, videos, and other features, as we'll show you below.

1. Digital Presentations (digital line sheets)

There are many advantages to using digital presentations.

  • They can be created in minutes, not hours and days
  • They're always up to date with any changes you make
  • Buyers can order directly off them with the latest information
  • You can see precisely when buyers are viewing and what they're looking at.

The advantages of using Brandboom's digital presentations are endless. Not only that, there are many ways you can customize these presentations.

Customize with:

  • Section templates that give your presentation a lookbook feel with blurbs, images, and videos
  • Blurb sections allowing you to arrange your presentation by "Tops", "Bottoms", "On Sale", etcetera
  • Apply discounts on individual or groups of products, and add labels such as "NEW" or "SALE" to merchandise products more effectively

Can't wait to create? Start now!

2. PDF Line Sheet Creator

Once you're done creating your online presentations, you can instantly turn that into a PDF line sheet with our line sheet creator.

Customize your line sheet settings and download or print your presentations as PDFs. Choose from an infinite number of combinations: the product image and information settings, font settings, pricing, paper size, orientation, layout, cover page, contact information, size grid, and more.

3. Brandboom iPad App

Finally, take your line sheets to go on with on iPad. With our iPad app, you'll be able to present your products and capture orders offline or in person with your buyers.

Orders are automatically synced to Brandboom when you have an account.

Now you know what a line sheet is, you can create all this, and much more on Brandboom.

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