What is a Line Sheet?

A line sheet is sometimes referred to as a product catalog or product sheet. In wholesale, line sheets are used to present products to your potential buyers for them to create orders from. In the past, PDF line sheets were painstakingly created using design software such as Photoshop or even PowerPoint. When changes were made to these products, line sheets became outdated and had to be updated line by line.

Brandboom helps you create beautiful, up to date, line sheets quickly and easily.

Fortunately, Brandboom makes creating line sheets a breeze. Best yet, it’s completely free. Brandboom uses a product catalog to generate line sheets. Once you’ve built your products, you can instantly create custom line sheets just by selecting your products and organizing them into presentations.

Presentations can be shared in 3 different ways.
  1. Digital presentations that can be shared as a private link.
  2. PDF line sheet that can be emailed or printed.
  3. Presented on our ipad app.

PDF line sheets are still widely used in the industry. However, when you’re not meeting your buyers face to face, online presentations are the way to go because it means you’re are making it dead simple for your buyer to order from you! We also enable you to add images, video, and other highlighting text as we’ll show you below.

1. Digital Presentations (digital line sheets)

Interactive multimedia Linesheets and Lookbooks BRANDBOOM

There are many advantages to using digital presentations.

  • The can be create in minutes not hours and days.
  • They’re instantly up to date with any changes you make on your products.
  • Buyers can order directly off them with the latest information.
  • You can see exactly when buyers are viewing and what they’re looking at.

The advantages of using Brandboom’s digital presentations are endless.Not only that, there are many ways you can customize these presentations.

Add supporting text and information with simple blurbs.

Design your presentations with customized blurbs. Add images, videos, and text to promote your products. You can use Blurbs to create sections or categories within a presentation. For example, a presentation can have blurbs for your “Tops”, “Bottoms,” “On Sale” etcetera. There is no limit to how many blurbs you can create in a presentation.

Customize products with discounts and / or labels.

You can modify prices for a particular presentation without having to change the product prices. Apply discounts or markups to all the products in a Blurb by entering a percentage into the discount field within the Blurb or click on each product to change prices individually. Add labels such as “NEW” and “SALE” to products in a presentation or create custom labels such as “Best Seller” or “Low Stock” to merchandise products in a presentation.

Easily update your Brandboom Linesheets

Customize presentations with images and videos.

We have distinct sections where you can instantly add images and videos to your line sheets. Videos only work for online presentations, but they will do a lot more to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Ordering from Brandboom Linesheets is easy

2. PDF Line Sheet Creator

Once you’re done creating your online presentations, you can instantly turn that into a PDF line sheet with our line sheet creator. Customize your line sheet settings and download or print your presentations as PDFs. Choose from an infinite number of combinations: the product image and information settings, font settings, pricing, paper size, orientation, layout, cover page, contact information, size grid and more.

Easily export your linesheets to mobile, ipad and pdf

3. Brandboom iPad App

Finally, take all these line sheets to go on with our iPad app. With our iPad app, you’ll be able to present your products and capture orders offline and in person with your buyers. Orders are then automatically synced to Brandboom when you have an account.

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