About the Brand

Golden Gilt is a gold-plated jewelry line based out of New Jersey and is influenced by urban and street culture. Their first design was produced in 2013 and today, their line consists of over 60 pieces.

Case Study

Expanding their footprint

Before joining Brandboom, Golden Gilt was selling their jewelry on the retail level in New Jersey only. While customers were enjoying their product, their reach was limited within their one retail location.

As they started receiving inquiries from other retailers, they needed a platform that would make showing the line and taking orders as simple as possible.

Linking the chain together

Every wholesaler and manufacturer will tell you that trying to source buyers is never an easy task.

Apart from using social media to find buyers via profiles and hashtags related to their industry, Golden Gilt also uses traditional methods to find buyers. “We also work with a sales agency that helps us out in the wholesale side of the business. We exhibit the brand at trade shows like Agenda, Cobb, etc…” says Sammy Sanjuanelo, owner of Golden Gilt.

Brandboom brings everything together for us. We always hear “send me the Brandboom link”; it has become an industry standard.”

Sammy is also a forward-thinker when it comes to sourcing buyers. He started using Brandboom Connect Marketplace to help him find new buyers and has been successful with taking over USD 9,000 in orders from buyers he’d never worked with before.

“I check Brandboom Connect pretty much daily. It does a great job of hand-picking stores that my presentation should be sent to. I press a few buttons, and boom! My presentation is sent to them.”

“I would say 9 out of 10 buyers we meet are familiar with Brandboom”. - Sammy Sanjuanelo (Golden Gilt)

Making Life Easy

When it comes to your business, we strive to be there to make your life easier, so that you can spend more time designing products, stitching that seam or picking out next seasons colors. At Brandboom, we have over 200,000 buyers who have used our platform, so have become somewhat of an industry standard.

Sammy also shared, “The biggest reason I would recommend Brandboom is because of how easy it is for buyers to do business with you. Most buyers are familiar with the platform. Buyers do not want to order products from a spreadsheet or an excel sheet. They want to click, click, and order. I would say 9 out of 10 buyers we meet are familiar with Brandboom."

We love and thrive on that sort of feedback from our customers. We’ve been simplifying the line sheet process for many years, and now we’re helping you to get your presentations out to the world, 24/7 with our Connect Marketplace.

For further information on Golden Gilt visit www.goldengilt.com or @goldengilt.