Top Tips for Onboarding Buyers on Brandboom

Today the top brands we support have been able to remain successful by being agile as the market changes. For many, wholesale now makes up a significant portion of annual revenue. In order to keep the momentum going, it’s important to keep buyers engaged, and make the transaction process as easy as possible. With our platform and ever-growing stockpile of tools and resources, we have made this simple and easy.

But how do you maximize use of the Brandboom platform and engage your customers?

If your Brandboom account is up and running and you’re ready to start working with buyers, here is what you should consider:

1. Encourage your buyers to sign up for a Brandboom account

Setting up a buyer account is easy. Simply start by sharing a presentation with your buyer.Once they’ve placed their initial order, they will be invited to verify their email and set up a password. They can use these credentials to log into their buyer account the next time they want to place an order. Need a hand introducing the Brandboom platform to your buyers? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a handy email template!

2. Keep reminding buyers of the benefits of having an account

Having an account makes it easy for return customers to reorder products and review order history. Instead of having to search their inbox for links, they can simply open their buyer account and view all presentations you’ve sent in one place. Keep in mind that if the buyer is having trouble viewing your link, their browser may need to be updated.

3. Old school buyers? Take advantage of printable line sheets!

For buyers who may still prefer to enter their orders by hand. Brandboom offers you great versatility with the option of a more traditional printed line sheet or even a PDF via email. Your customers may not be ready to make the electronic full conversion yet, so let them know you can accommodate their needs until they’re ready to place orders online.

4. Your secret weapon: the iPad app

Be sure to also to download the Brandboom iPad app. This is especially helpful at trade shows where Wi-Fi may be spotty, and this can impact sales. Many users find it convenient to have buyers sign for their orders using their fingers directly on the app. We know that a lot of wholesale transactions happen on the road and with the iPad app, you can quickly and easily make a sale anywhere.

Lastly, it’s important to note that 40% of buyers view presentations or make purchases from a mobile device on Brandboom. Whenever you send your buyer a new presentation on Brandboom, they now have the convenience of viewing it immediately from their phone, and they can even move forward with a purchase. The convenient auto-fill option is designed to make the transaction fast and seamless.

Still have more questions related to helping your customers?

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