Brandboom makes it easy to collaborate with buyers to complete orders. Make edits to orders in real time and send notifications to update your buyers on order status.

Collect Orders Online in 3 Ways

1. Collect orders online from a presentation.

2. Send your buyer an open order with pre-selected products.

3. Enter handwritten orders on Brandboom for easy processing.

Smart Features

Start an open order for your buyers

Select products and start new orders for your buyers. Email your buyer a copy to review or send them a confirmation.

Choose settings and create custom fields for your order form

Customize your order form to fit your business’ needs. Add the fields you need and hide the ones you don’t. Add individual line items order by order if needed.

Download presentations and collect orders on the iPad app

Present your products and capture orders online or offline. Orders place on the app are automatically synced to your online Brandboom account.

Set orders for immediate availability or pre-order

Set a future ship date for pre-orders or take orders from available inventory.

Track order progress with order status notifications

Get notifications when buyers view your online line sheet presentations. Track your order status from Open all the way to Shipped.

Customize your Shipping and Payments Terms

Customize your showroom’s shipping and payment options. Buyers will be able to select your options from a dropdown on their order form.

Download and Print Packing Slips for ready to ship orders

Save and print out packing slips for your warehouse to ship out with orders during the pick-and-pack process.

Save customer information or upload existing customers

Store your terms, billing, shipping, discount, and vat number information for your customers. Create customer subcodes for customers with multiple addresses.

Easily duplicate buyer orders for reorders

Make it easy for returning customers to restock by duplicating the order. That way they don’t have to go back, select the product and order again.

Create multiple price lists for different currencies

Manage different price lists to create different pricing for your customers. Multiple currency price lists allow for and easy switch to international pricing.

Brandboom is Always Free for Your Buyers

Give your buyers a better wholesale experience. Viewing presentations and placing orders on Brandboom is always free for buyers. Buyers sign up with their own free Brandboom account to manage orders and even view past presentations.