5 Great Brandboom Features You Might Not be Using

Congratulations, you got the gist of it. You’ve got your products on Brandboom and you’ve created beautiful line sheets. But are you a Brandboom Pro? Here are some insider tips from Team Brandboom to maximize your productivity. Here are some useful features you may not be taking advantage of:

1. Auto-Match Images to Products

We’ve made it easy to upload product information with the template, but did you know it’s just as easy to add your product images in bulk? Using the Auto Match feature helps you streamline the image adding process by matching up an image’s file name with an existing product’s style ID and option code so you don’t have to add images one by one when creating products in bulk. Spending a little time to prep your images to work with the auto-match feature can save you a ton of time in the long run.

2. Using Access Codes

You know how to use share links to send your presentations to buyers. But did you know that you can create custom access codes for share links? This means that you can create different links for the same presentation to send to different buyers, and you can set the status of those codes (active, expired or delete).

3. Presentation Folders

Spring, summer, fall… every new season brings new products and new presentations. We know that it’s easy to lose track of your presentations when you have many. Use the Create and Manage Folders feature to create folders and organize your presentations in the presentations panel.

4. Organize with Order Tags

Looking for a better way to filter your orders? Use the order tag feature. Create custom tags like “Agenda 2017” and tag orders or presentations. You can use the tags later on to filter your orders, so you know where each order came from. 5. Vanity Page

Do you have more than one showroom or brand? You can create a Vanity webpage to showcase the showrooms you have on Brandboom. It’s the perfect splash page for your customers to view and access all your Showrooms.

More than just a line sheet maker – Brandboom is a must have sales tool for your wholesale business. From line sheets to order processing and invoicing, pitching and collaborating with new buyers has never been easier.

Working with buyers through Brandboom also ensures that you are providing them with a great shopping experience, including a mobile friendly order form so they can view presentations and place orders on-the-go. To check out some tips on onboarding your buyers to Brandboom, see this article.

Brandboom will transform your wholesale business