About the Guest:

Our guest today is Melissa Gonzalez. Melissa is a retail futurist and expert consultant in pop-up shops, who has been awarded Design Retail’s 40 under 40 for her work transforming retail environments. She brings some deep knowledge on how pop-ups can benefit your brand, which brands should try them, and why pop-ups have become more popular.

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Key Takeaways:

Pop-ups are about creating an experience

“So it’s just always kind of like a new puzzle that we’re solving and figuring out, and, you know, and helping people rethink how they can create an experience, and what can’t I deliver online that I wanna bring into the offline world?” Melissa at 4:57

A physical retail space provides an experience that don’t you find online.

“There’s an opportunity for really, really high-touch interaction and learning in a physical space that you just can’t do online.” Melissa at 6:15

In a physical store, you can instantly observe how people respond to your product

“You can’t hear what your customer is saying unless they’re posting on socials or making, you know, a comment on your website, but in a store you can really observe how somebody responds to your product after either speaking to a friend or speaking to the associate” Melissa at 7:46

Pop-ups still require time and money to succeed

“I would say that one of the top kind of underestimated areas of pop ups is the amount of money and time a lot of the brands put towards in-store staff.” Melissa at 12:00

Learning from pop-ups can help your marketing and merchandising strategy

“The ROI is really qualitative and quantitative in a pop-up store, and so it’s not just the sales you make between the four walls while the pop-up is open, it’s also all of the things that you’re gonna learn to help you make better marketing and merchandizing decisions going forward. ” Melissa at 14:06

Having a clear goal for your pop-up will guide your success

“My biggest piece of advice is always, when you know you wanna do a pop-up make sure you understand why and make sure that you have a clear point of view on what your goals are gonna be, and that you understand what you would consider a success so that that should kind of guide the conversation” Melissa at 29:58

Melissa’s Website: http://www.lionesquegroup.com/

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