Welcome to the future of wholesale fashion! We’re thrilled to introduce the Brandboom Marketplace: the premier digital destination to expand your sales, find new retailers, and enjoy secure, guaranteed payments.

When it came time to create this marketplace, we listened to what brands and retailers were looking for. 

Brandboom Marketplace is everything you want in a marketplace, on the platform sellers and buyers already love. Let’s explore the amazing features to skyrocket your sales potential.

1. Expansive Retailer Network At Your Fingertips

Tap into Brandboom’s global network of 200,000+ vetted, active buyers in seconds. The Brandboom Marketplace catapults your brand onto a major stage, connecting you with buyers searching for products just like yours.

2. Vetted Buyers

Building relationships with new buyers requires trust. On Brandboom Marketplace, all buyers have been thoroughly vetted and approved by our team. Our reputation for integrity and security lets you focus on what you do best - running your business.

3. Revolutionized, Stress-Free Payment

When it comes to payment, here’s the typical problem. Retailers want net 60 terms to boost their cash flow. This leads to larger purchase orders, which should be a win for sellers. However, sellers familiar with traditional factoring know that offering net 60 terms often means waiting extended periods for payment, unexpected late fees, and wasting hours chasing down buyers.

Brandboom has revolutionized net 60 terms with Brandboom Payments! We’ll give eligible buyers 60 days to pay, but pay you right when your order is delivered.

Buyer doesn’t pay? Not your problem. No surprise fees. No chasing buyers.

Finally, payment terms that delight you and your buyers.

4. Optimized Product Discovery and Promotion

Say goodbye to unexpected marketing fees in order to achieve visibility. Optimized brand and product discovery are the pillars of Brandboom Marketplace. Your brand will be featured in your primary category section, rotating ‘Featured Brands’ highlight, and via our search function. Buyers are able to view your products individually, as well as your entire presentation.

5. Maintain Full Flexibility

With Brandboom Marketplace, you’ll get an amazing sales tool for your arsenal, while maintaining complete flexibility. You can choose to list your whole range, or a portion of your range. And we encourage you to continue utilizing any of your existing sales channels, from trade shows to other digital marketplaces.

6. Harness Unmatched Efficiency

At Brandboom, efficiency is not a buzzword, it’s a promise. Our marketplace is fully integrated with our robust end-to-end sales & order management platform. Manage your new sales and customers in one place. Integrate seamlessly with Shopify, ApparelMagic, and more. 

And the list keeps going! Brandboom offers advanced analytics and live customer support to give you the best possible experience.

Ready to find new retailers with Brandboom Marketplace? Check out our Step-by-Step Submission Guide to get started.

Want to learn more? Here's our Brandboom Marketplace FAQ.

Your journey to wholesale success starts here!