Caravana Americana

Los Angeles, California - Brandboom is pleased to announce a new partnership with Caravana Americana - the preeminent Trade Show in Latin America celebrating the finest emerging and established fashion, furniture, and accessory designers in the region.

Caravana Americana is hosted in Mexico City and boasts a range of craftspeople who are uniquely passionate about their products and culture. Brandboom has been working with Show Director, Gina Barrios, on crafting a solution to help brands with a digital trade show experience.

Brandboom is uniquely placed, with experience with thousands of brands and buyers daily. It has created a Digital Trade Show Platform that integrates seamlessly with their existing platform for Brands, Showrooms, Agents, and Buyers.

Gina Barrios has said, "We created an Online version of Caravana Americana to grasp on to the opportunity to reach out to more people and be seen further out in the world." "Our main interest is to increase opportunities for Latin designers across the globe, and to help them grow business-wise."

"Brandboom is delighted to be working with Caravana Americana to showcase Latin American talent across the world. In these difficult times with pandemic gripping the world, we are doing our best to help business continuity in whatever category or field we can," said Mark Kwong, Head of Business Development at Brandboom.

"Gina and her team have extraordinary attention to detail, clear vision, and curated a wonderful trade show that we are honored to partner with."

Caravana Americana hosts various shows every year. The first event, "Edición Online" or Online Edition, will begin on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020, and will provide online showcases for brands, speakers and panels, and local entertainment sessions.

Visit Caravana Americana at: