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Simplify your tasks

Streamline your shipping tasks

Record shipments inside Brandboom and select flowSHIP as your shipping provider.

Track packages from Brandboom

flowSHIP records will directly reference your UPS tracking numbers.

Calculate your shipping costs

Calculate your shipping costs before you ship

Check the cost per package with UPS with the shipping calculator on your order page, and develop a seamless shipping strategy.

30-40% off UPS standard rates

Track shipping and print shipping labels with ease. As a bonus, you’ll get 30-40% discounted UPS rates just for shipping with flowSHIP.

Ship at least 50 parcels and get Brandboom on us.

Ship 50 parcels a month for a free Startup plan

Shipping just 50 parcels using flowSHIP can earn you credits to use for a monthly Startup user subscription.

Ship 100 parcels a month for a free Business plan

Shipping 100 parcels can earn you credits for a Business plan. You can use extra credits to upgrade your plan, add new users, or bank them for up to 3 months.


Moving to a digital platform has transformed our sales rep and showroom relationships, putting us in the driver’s seat. Now, we can be proactive and easily make changes anytime from anywhere.


It has revolutionized the way I do sales. I’ve been working with Brandboom since 2015 and have generated millions of dollars in international sales remotely. Without Brandboom I would be helpless! I swear I talk about how much I love Brandboom so much I should work for you guys!


We love working with Brandboom. We are able to keep our product images organized, and we're able to send our clients customized linesheets with ease. We would recommend Brandboom to brands of all sizes.

Everything you need to know.

What is flowSHIP?

flowSHIP let's you conveniently print shipping labels from UPS within Brandboom. You can check prices any time using the shipping calculator, and if you decide to print a label, you can earn credits to apply towards your monthly subscription.

Is there a catch to the earning credits?

Nope! If you ship enough parcels to earn credits, then they will be applied to your next bill. If you don't, that's ok, you will receive your monthly invoice per normal.

How do I earn credits?

Every 50 parcels you ship using flowSHIP will earn you 1 x Boom Credit. A Startup plan is worth 1 x Boom Credit, or a Business plan for user is 2 x Boom Credits per user.

How do I start shipping and earning credits?

You can create a free account below, or sign-in if you already a free or paid user. All you need to do is start printing labels when you are processing orders.

*Subject to Brandboom's Terms & Conditions