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Free Goes a Long Way
Start a FREE account with 50 free products with 20 free presentations and iPad app capabilities. Use our free product for as long as you'd like, we're constantly pushing the limits of what a free account can do.
Make Presentations 10X Faster
Making presentations with Photoshop is time consuming and could take weeks! If time equals money, then you'll be saving a lot of money. Respond to your buyers instantly when they're interested and ready to buy. Say goodbye to email attachments!
50%-90% Buyer Adoption In 3 Months
Chances are your buyers are already a part of the 90,000+ retailers using Brandboom. Brandboom Buyers tend to buy more and buy sooner.
Up To 40% Increase in Sales Efficiency
Imagine giving your sales force a tool that allows them to service 40% more buyers in the same amount of time. Your team will spend less time fixing ordering errors and more time reaching out to buyers. Your buyers will receive more attention and service which ultimately impacts your bottom line.
With this kind of brand collateral, 2 reps can work over 700 accounts, it would be impossible otherwise.
- D. Hayes, Partner
The Foundation Showroom
Everybody loves Brandboom. Even buyers who are the toughest to crack end up sending orders, it's been great!
- M. D'amelio, Owner
Level 4 Collective Showroom
Brandboom made ordering so easy for our buyers that they end up buying earlier and buying more.
- H. Beck, Account Exec
Inplay Showroom
Create Once,
Share Everywhere
Put together presentations within minutes! Share with a simple link, on our iPad app, or as a PDF.
Customize to Perfection
Easily add products, discounts, delivery dates, editorials, images, videos, and much more to your presentations.
Receive Viewer Notifications
Know exactly when to follow up. Don't waste time reaching out to buyers who haven't reviewed your presentations when you know exactly when they do.
Make PDFs Better & Faster
Stop messing with Photoshop or waiting weeks for the art department. Generate the PDFs you need instantly with hundreds of customizations.
Protect Your Designs
Protect your designs from being stolen. Brandboom allows you to destroy any presentation that was unintentionally sent to someone suspicious.
Go Offline on the iPad
Download your presentation to our
custom iPad app and present them
even without the internet.
Ready for Mobile
Brandboom's online presentations
can be loaded and viewed in
any smart phone's mobile browser.
Print Out Custom Presentations
Offer a custom experience in your showrooms.
Show them you know their business
with a presentation made just for them.
Capture Orders Efficiently & Accurately
Brands and showrooms that have fully adopted Brandboom with their buyers achieve up to 40% in productivity gains across the board. Buyers get a better experience and higher quality attention from their reps.
Eliminate Errors & Double Entry
Virtually eliminate errors caused by confusing excel and paper orders. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time selling.
Sell Faster & Sell More
Reduce friction in the buying process so buyers will buy more and buy sooner. Spend less time chasing and more time capturing orders.
Export to Quickbooks
Export sales orders directly into Quickbooks. Customers and items will automatically be generated if they don't already exist in Quickbooks.
Integrate Any System
Work with our tech team to integrate Brandboom with any major system. Brandboom can integrate through API or FTP.
Order Offline on the iPad
Create orders from your presentations even when you don't have internet. Sync them to the cloud automatically when you get online.
Print Custom Order Forms
Create more accurate order forms with products images and information pre-filled. Only the quantities need to be handwritten!
View Order History
Hold everyone accountable for changes made to an order. Accountability helps prevent errors from happening in the first place.
Real Time Sales Analytics & Reporting
Brandboom offers you analytics for both your customers and sales agents.
Build Custom Reports
Create custom reports of your orders sorted by order number, product ID, or SKU. Narrow them down by ship date, order date, or order status.
Find Missing Orders
Figure out which repeat buyers missed a delivery. Make sure your buyers maintain a steady flow of your products in their stores.
Generate Production Reports
Use your future orders to figure out exactly how much you need to produce. Create these reports as often as you need.
Track Presentation Views
View which buyers have seen your presentations, see how well your presentations are performing.
Track Sales Rep Performance
Monitor your sales force and track their performance. Get insight on their engagement with buyers through Brandboom.
Understand Your Buyers
Know your top buyers and visualize their order history. Reengage old buyers who have bought from you before.
Preview Reports Before Export
View all your reports in the browser before exporting it. Select the exact columns you want to include and exclude.
Create & Track Product Inventory
We've made uploading your products and inventory as easy as possible whether you have fifty products or thousands of products. Add your product details and edit them at any time. Your buyers will see the changes immediately.
Mass Import & Export
Mass import all your SKUs along with inventory.
Segment and export your SKUs to
easily edit them in excel.
Prevent Over Buys
High demand for your products is a good thing, but over promising and under delivering is never a good experience for any buyer.
Reduce Excess Inventory
Carrying excess inventory is unavoidable. Brandboom creates demand for your excess inventory with your existing customers.
Customize Delivery Dates
Set different delivery dates for different products. Offer multiple delivery dates for the same products.
Manage & Edit SKUs
Import or create your SKUs. Disable SKUs you are no longer selling. Set specific prices and inventory for each SKU.
Show & Hide Inventory
Show in stock inventory levels for each SKU on your presentations and order forms for buyers to see.
Create & Set Prepacks
Allow your buyers to easily buy in bulk with preset prepacks. Customize the prepacks you make available to each buyer.
Manage Products & Teams
Add as many brands and team members as you need through a single login. Brandboom gives your company the ability to sync your sales force with your product information and collaborate with 3rd parties like showrooms and distributors.
Mass Import & Edit Products
Mass import, export, and edit your product and SKU information. List mode offers you tools to easily make changes to your products.
Sync Your Global Team
Invite all your teams to work off one source of product data. Manage and assign specific brands, product lines, price tiers, and currencies to each team.
Upload & Auto Match Images
Upload your images and Brandboom will match them up with your products automatically based on file name and style IDs.
Set Product Level Permissions
Divide your sales and distribution networks into groups and allow specific groups to view specific products, price points, and currencies.
Build Your Customer List
Easily save customer information to pull up later. Import your existing customer database or build your list as orders come in.
Multiple Brands & Price Points
Create as many brands as you want under a single account. Create unique price points in multiple currencies.
Product Tile & List Views
Visualize and curate your products in tile view. Manage and mass edit your products in list view.
“With this kind of brand collateral, two reps can work over 700 accounts, it would be impossible otherwise.”
- D. Hayes, Partner
The Foundation Showroom
“Brandboom made ordering so easy for our buyers that they end up buying earlier and buying more.”
- H. Beck, Account Exec
Inplay Showroom
“Everybody loves brandboom. Even buyers who are the toughest to crack end up sending orders, it's been great!”
- Marc D'amelio, Owner
Level 4 Collective Showroom

Over 1,000 brands & showrooms use Brandboom to grow and manage sales.

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